The Cr8ve is a social networking app that gives people a simple way to connect through exclusive content. Follow your family, friends, businesses and more. Try to gain exclusive access to the content they share through our new liking system called Cr8ves! These cr8ves allow you to like pictures through a selection of different emotions, creating a deeper connection between you and your followers. One can sign up as a regular user to solely view this content or as an influencer to build your brand and start connecting!

Our Unique Emotion System 

Our new liking systems provides you with an ever-expanding selection of emotions that you can select on each post. These emotions are meant to give users a better understanding of exactly how their followers are responding to their content. Choose from emotions like: 

  • Adoring
  • Loving
  • Appreciative 

Using these emotions grants you access to the exclusive content shared by other users.

Posting and Unlocking Exclusive Content

Posting on the Cr8ve app is really simple! When you upload content from your camera roll, or from the app’s camera functions, you will be given the option to either set a post as locked or unlocked. To set a post as locked all you have to do is click the locked icon on the bottom of the screen. This will bring you to a page which looks something like this.


From this view, you have the choice to set the number of cr8ves your post will need to be unlocked. What this means is that if you were to set the number of cr8ves to 10, it would take 10 people liking your post to unlock it. Posts which are locked show up on the timeline, however, the content will appear blurred with a locked icon. 

Once the post has reached your desired amount of cr8ves set, the post will unlock. The only people who will be able to view the post on the timeline are the 10 people that liked it before it was unlocked. This is how you will be able to post and view exclusive content through the app. Users will see locked content on the timeline that they can no longer access! Urge your family, friends, and following to view your content and connect with them in a new way.

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By Bakir Floyd and Tobenna Anukwuem


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